GAP and PLAY Principles

  • Heather created these based on wanting to raise of the bar of the game designs of her clients.  She wanted to see the player insight research look at deeper issues, rather than the same ones we were seeing over and over.
  • The Two Principle Lists have been validated and published.  
  • Principles are not rules, but guidelines.
How To Use Principles:  
  • Game designers use these principles to help stimulate ideas 
  • User Researchers, Producers, Game Designers use them to evaluate the game design
  • Teaching Tool for Player Experience

Aren't These Principles Intuitive? For Game Designers, these principles may not be novel. They are, however, useful to remind them of all the elements that go into making a good player experience.  It serves as a checklist to remind and stimulate ideas that at times even stimulates more game design ideas.

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These principles I personally use in my player research consultancy . They provide foundational insights and stimulates ideas for improving the player experience.                                                                                                                                                                
                                                              - Heather Desurvire, Founder and principal of User Behavioristics

                 PLAY Principles for Optimizing Player Experience


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                    GAP New Player Experience Principles


Cost: $10.00 US Dollars Download