A3. Avoid Burden on Memory

“I do not have to worry about remembering all important information in the game, such as dialogue and specific controls, as various game cues help me recognize important information when necessary.”

Players do not have to recall all details of a game from memory. VR games and experiences provide cues to the player so they can recognize objects and options easily.

Players retrieve elements of memory faster when many cues are given to that element. When games present important information, retelling that information or presenting the information in different ways will help players to recognize that information rather than having to memorize the data. Giving specific and related visuals alongside text or audio often help with recognizing objects or learning actions. Allowing players to recognize previous information without requiring recollection severely reduces the mental burden on the player, limiting the amount of memorization required to play the game.

Examples (adhered):

  • John Wick Chronicles (1, 2): In the very beginning (1), the player is presented with a chart showing the controls. They do not have to know how to do everything on the chart yet (such as shoot), so much of it may be forgotten. However, when the time does come to shoot (2), the chart is shown again.
  • The London Heist: When transitioning between screens, the player can see the different time codes of where he is located. He recognizes where he is going by the time, but just in case players do not remember the time, the game also plays an underground metro train sound effect similar to the one it played when the player first entered the scene. The player is therefore able to recall where they are going either by visual (the time) or audio (the train sound).

Examples (violated):

  • Minecraft VR: The player searches through the game menu and cannot find any way to determine the location of his home base. This forces him to spend time figuring out his own way to remember where the base is located, so that he will be able to return home if he ventures far away.