A4. Show Player Status & World State

“I always know what is going on with my character and the world around me because of the consistent and timely feedback and UI.”

Players are able to see their current state, such as their health and necessary statistics. They are also able to easily tell aspects of the world they are in, for example, the weather, whether the world is in a safe or dangerous state.

Without knowing their player and world statuses, players are less likely to feel confident and comfortable to play the game. Loss of visibility of statuses leads to a loss of control for players, as they do not know what their character is capable of and how they can interact with the world around them. Visibility can refer to the actual visual elements but can also be through other sensory forms. For example, hearing their character pant after sprinting for some distance lets a player know that their character is tired. The player and world states should appear within the player’s field of view when necessary so the player is aware of their status.

Examples (adhered):

  • VR Sport Challenge: The player is able to clearly see where the ball is coming from and where the ball is going based on the directional UI.
  • The Lab: In the tower defense mini-game, players can check their current progress at any time by glancing at a hovering textbox that indicates what wave they’re on. The text says “Wave #/8”.
  • Minecraft VR: The player can see their health and hunger levels above their left hand, allowing them to check their player status whenever they want, as their hands are usually on screen.

Examples (violated):

  • Farpoint: After encountering the first few spider enemies, the player wonders how much health he has, since there are no indicators or UI elements displaying his health status. He says, “I wonder how much attacks we can take. I imagine not too many.”
  • Rockband VR: The player did not know how to scroll through the different menu options because the UI information was off screen, hovering over his in-game guitar.
  • Audioshield: The gloves show the number of consecutive hits the player has pulled off, but the indicator can be hard to see – especially on certain gloves and when the player is constantly moving their gloves to punch the approaching globes.