A6. Let Players Review What They’ve Learned

“If I forget how to do something I’ve already learned, I can find out how to do it again easily.”

Players have easy access to prior concepts which have already been taught and mastered. The access to help is available at the player's discretion.

While scaffolding should already be in place to automatically assist players who are still learning how to play, it is also important that players who deliberately seek out help on a specific topic can readily locate the information they’re looking for. Although the player may not strictly need help to continue progressing in the game, giving them a way to get help if they seek it out can help avoid frustration and keep players from having to disrupt the flow of gameplay to seek out help from an external source.

Examples (adhered):

  • Floor Plan: Among the other buttons on the panel, the player recognizes the phone button at the bottom as a “hint hotline” and presses it. It gives the player a vague nudge in the right direction, and offers more help if its first hint was not helpful for the player.

Examples (violated):

  • Minecraft VR: The player searches through the game menu and cannot find any way to determine the location of his home base. This forces him to spend time figuring out his own way to remember where the base is located, so that he will be able to return home if he ventures far away.