C2. Facilitate Embodiment of Character

“I feel like I am the character who I am playing in both an emotional and physical sense.”

Players feel a connection to the character they play such that they emotionally embody their character in decision-making and also physically embody their character in controlling their movement in the game space.

In any game, it is important for players to feel a connection to the characters they play, as it will cause players to be more involved in the game and narrative. In VR games specifically, players physically embody their character, so feeling like their character is even more important, to ensure they feel like they have a place in the world they are inhabiting. If players do not feel like they have a connection to their character and the world around them, then they will lose immersion in VR.

Examples (adhered):

  • Batman Arkham VR: The player loves seeing himself in the Batsuit and says, “Ooh, that’s me! I’m Batman!”
  • Rec Room: While the player is choosing his appearance, he can see himself in a mirror. He says, “Oh wait, this is me!” and waves to himself.
  • The London Heist: While an NPC is talking, the player is able to light and smoke a cigar. When he brings the controller to his face, the character begins smoking, and when he pulls the controller away and blows, the character puffs out the smoke. This makes the player feel more connected to his character, because he can see how his actions are reflected in the VR world.