C7. Steer Clear of Physical Obstructions

“When I am playing the VR game, I do not run into real-life obstructions such as walls and cords that would otherwise pull me out of the experience.”

VR experiences are designed so that players do not have to worry about colliding with physical objects in their real world while playing the game.

If players have to worry about running into physical objects, then they will be pulled out of the immersive experience because they have to be in two places at once (in the VR world and also paying attention to the real world to avoid colliding with obstacles). Games keep into account that VR game areas may be different sizes and can therefore limit/change the player experience of the game.

Examples (adhered):

  • Tilt Brush: Players may use an in-game "teleportation" feature to traverse the virtual environment without moving in physical space. This enables them to get a different perspective on what they have painted without taking the risk of bumping into any obstacles, even when playing in a relatively crowded space.

Examples (violated):

  • Minecraft VR: The player has to temporarily remove his headset and readjust his physical position to ensure that he does not accidentally run into or punch any walls.
  • VR Sports Challenge: The player, while making the arm motions of shooting a basketball, hits a nearby mic, which temporarily pulls him out of the VR immersive experience. He is then told by the moderator to do “a little hand motion” to shoot so he does not hit the mic. “Watch the mic, watch the mic!” the moderator reminds him.
  • Superhot VR: While trying to catch a gun in-game, the player hits a wall with his controller by accident, chipping the controller. He removes the headset to look at the damage and dies in-game because he is not able to pay attention to the game and the real world around him at the same time.