D1. Balance Creative Comfort & Empowerment

“I feel empowered to create whatever I want. I am impressed with the wide range of creative possibilities available to me, even as a novice creator.”

Players feel confident that the tools they have been given are sufficiently powerful and flexible to express any idea they want to realize. At the same time, basic skills are easy enough to learn that even novice players have no difficulty jumping in and beginning to create.

Many players are not used to thinking of themselves as “creative people”, and they are likely to view the prospect of creating with a certain amount of apprehension by default. To ensure that they are able to ease themselves into the role of creating things, it is important that the tools they are given have a low barrier to entry, while also allowing them the increased flexibility that they will desire as they learn and become more capable.

Examples (adhered):

  • Tilt Brush: Tilt Brush offers a variety of different brushes and tools, providing players with a great degree of agency in the pursuit of art.

Examples (violated):

  • Tilt Brush: When the player toggled the right controller for the first time, they were taken aback by the multitude of tools at their disposal. Capabilities were presented to the player all at once rather than introduced gradually over time, making the player feel overwhelmed.
  • Blocks: The player is attempting to place a block on the top of the tower they have just created, but cannot place a block at the top without struggling to stretch their arms far upwards.
  • Blocks: The player spends a few moments attempting to build a house, then realizes she can use the regular square model as a base. She creates multiple of these before she realizes that there is no triangle models for her to use, and thus it’s not possible to create a conventional block house.