D2. Facilitate Performance & Social Creativity

“I can easily share the things I create with others. I feel comfortable creating or performing in front of others, as I’m confident that they won't judge me too harshly for the things I create.”

Players are given an easy way to share their creations with others if they so choose. Players are permitted to create collaboratively, whether synchronously (working side-by-side on a single creation) or asynchronously (remixing or modifying one another’s creations), and steps are taken to ensure they feel comfortable creating in front of other players.

Social motivation (the desire to share the things you have created with an audience) can be a powerful force for encouraging players to create. For players to feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively in front of others, however, they must feel confident that the social environment won't punish or denigrate them harshly for failure. Community norms and standards of behavior are shaped to encourage only constructive criticism.

Examples (adhered):

  • Tilt Brush: Immediately after the user has finished creating his first piece of art in the application, he questions if he can take a picture of it and begins to search in the menus for a way to do this. This feature is easily spotted in the menu, making it easy for him to share pictures of his creation with others if he so chooses.
  • Rockstar VR: The player is able to play his guitar freestyle in front of a VR crowd, making him feel like an actual performing rock star. The guitar responds to his strumming, but he does not have to worry about the individual notes he’s playing because the game automatically plays notes for him. He only has to control the speed at which he strums.
  • Rec Room: In the Charades 3D mini game, players can choose to act, talk, or draw out certain words. The player doing the charades stands on a stage while the other players guessing stand in the audience area.