D4. Provide Creative Inspiration

“I am inspired to create by adapting or adding onto what's already in front of me, rather than pressured to create something entirely new from scratch.”

The VR experience allows players to create by remixing, modifying, and reacting to things that are already present in the world.

Facing down a blank canvas or an empty page can be psychologically intimidating to even veteran creators. For novices in particular, it's especially important to provide plenty of editable examples and sources of inspiration to prompt creative ideation and give them a place to start.

Examples (adhered):

  • Tilt Brush: The user changes the canvas to the Snowman environment, and immediately begins to laugh and draw on top of the snowman before him. He opts to build off of the existing snowman rather than the empty space in the environment.
  • Blocks: After watching the robot create a catapult out of the blocks, the player realizes he can do the same. He then proceeds to construct and use his own catapult. By showing the players examples of the kinds of objects they can build with the blocks, the game inspires players to build things of their own.