E3. Provide Scaffolding

“When I am stuck and confused, I receive timely and appropriate hints that help me continue progressing in the game.”

Players receive adequate help or guidance when they are in need of assistance in game.

Players who understand the game and its mechanics may not need assistance past tutorials, but scaffolding helps players who may need some more assistance throughout gameplay when they are stuck. Scaffolding is meant to help players who are, for example, confused after tutorials have already introduced a mechanic and they no longer remember them or if they are confused where to go.

Examples (adhered):

  • Arizona Sunshine: After a fight sequence with zombies, the character the player is controlling says, “Damn, that took quite a bit of ammo. Let’s see if I can find some more in these cars.” This informs players where they can find more ammo if they were previously unaware.
  • Job Simulator: Even though players are taught at the beginning how to return to their original location after finishing a certain job, after completing the office worker job simulation, the game also offers an alternate way to return (by eating food labeled ‘Exit’) in case they forgot the original way.
  • The London Heist: The player is told to drop a can into a tray. When the player accidentally misses the tray, another can appears, allowing the player to attempt the action multiple times. The player was not immediately sure what to do until the car reappeared again.

Examples (violated):

  • Rockband VR: The player wants to leave a level to switch the difficulty, but does not know how to do so other than by failing a song. He says, “I’m going back… How do I go back?! I can’t… I want to go back…” When he fails, he says, “Thank you for letting me go back” and mistakenly believes that he pressed some button to pull up the menu screen.
  • Mighty Monster Mayhem: The player has to take a moment to remember the controls, saying, “Which one [button or movement] was breaking? I forget already.” There is no help provided for those who need or want it.