Desurvire's Book Chapters

Chapters on Game New Player Experience and Evaluating the efficacy of Heuristic Evaluation as an adjunct evaluation method.

2nd edition expanded view on Game User Research Evaluation, edited again by Regina Bernhaupt.

Chapter: "User Experience Design for Inexperienced Gamers: GAP, Game Accessibility Principles

Authors: Heather Desurvire (Principal of User Behavioristics) and Charlotte Wiberg (Professor, University of Umea).


This is the 1st edition, then the second edition of the Game Evaluation Book, edited by Regina Bernhaupt

We have a chapter on Game Accessibility, otherwise known as New Player Experience principles.

Authors: Heather Desurvire (Principal, User Behavioristics) and Charlotte Wiberg (Professor, University of Umea).


Jakob Nielsen's as editor, the seminal book on Usability methods.  Heather Desurvire, principal of User Behavioristics, has a chapter in this book on Faster/Cheaper Usability Inspection Methods, namely Heuristic Evaluation as found to be a efficacious method. This is now industry standard.

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