Founder &  Principal


Founder and Principal of User Behavioristics, Heather is one of the foremost experienced UX Researchers for digital products, and games. The breadth of products and user/player sessions alone, plus the appreciated actionable results she provides her clients makes her an invaluable asset to anyone desiring User and Player insight intel.

She is not only a UX Researcher of UX and Player Experience, but also is a compelling speaker, on faculty of USC teaching UX Research, and an accomplished author of user experience and player experience principles.


Karen Graham

An expert UI designer with extensive experience in user testing and moderation.

As a hybrid Researcher/Designer Karen brings deep insight into the testing and results process by identifying subtitle issues that undermine the user's experience and identifying solutions that clients can adopt quickly.

Karen's experience spans the finance domain, web and games and mobile devices.


Dr. Jill Strawbridge

Dr. Jill Strawbridge has spent over 20 years applying the principals of human behavior to the design of products with which humans interact.

A UX design and research associate of User Behavioristics, she just finished 3 years as VP of UE Research at Pearson Education, and prior to that Director of User Experience Design and Research at Yahoo. 

She also taught extensively at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Alumnus Staff

DS Choi

A former intern with User Behavioristics, we keep DS as Alumnus staff, as he is a valuable resource of talent. DS was in Heathers' course on Game Usability at USC.

He is now a rockstar Producer and Associate Manager of a mobile game company. He is an expert in the Korean market, in game design and we often utilize his counsel when working on Korean games.




Jake is a talented intern for UX.   He is now in his second year working with User Behavioristics, assisting in many ways as a valuable resource. 

He's an avid gamer as well as a Game Design student at USC.  

When we work on games, we often have him do a first game test and utilize his insights to plan our research strategy.



Cooper Surrett

Cooper is a former student of Heathers, and still a student at the renowned Interactive Media and Games department at USC.  

He was one of the star students in his semester, and now is using his skill and knowledge to contribute and learn by working on projects at User Behavioristics.


Knowledge Is Power              - Francis Bacon


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