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Websites, Software, Mobile and Video Games User Research


Formative Usability Testing and User Research

Why Work With US?

Unparalleled UX Research Expertise

  • 100 Video Games With All Top Game Publishers
  • 200 Software and Websites Products
  • 10's of Thousands User Sessions Background

We Work On Your Website, Software, App or Game Like ITs Our Own

  • Quick Turnaround with Actionable Bite Sized Form Inform Design
  • We Meet Your Goals, Help You Identify Goals
  • Unparalleled Insights and Suggestions

Video Games Expertise!

Software & Websites

  • We Not Only Look at Usability, But Also Usefulness, Engagement, and Delight
  • Ensuring Your Beating Your Competition
  • Ensuring Your Product Is Providing Value So It's Assured Success

Mobile Apps

  • Small spaces make mobile Apps a unique challenge when providing your customers value
  • We ensure the value of the App works well for your customers within this small space
  • Ensuring the  interaction and navigation work for your intended customers
  • Providing insight into disruptions, interruptions found in the world of mobile devices and how your design can account for this 



User Behavioristics Founder and Principal Heather Desurvire

  • One of the world's foremost specialists in user and player experience
  • Faculty at USC School of Cinematic Arts, department of Interactive Media & Games
    • #1 Game Studies Undergraduate Programs

Heather and those that work at User Behavioristics, have a powerful mix of unique skills, leveraging analysis and creativity to make better User & Player Experiences.  

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  • Unparalleled Insights From True UX Experts
  • We Do User Experience and Player Experience Mind Melds, Like Spock from Star Trek
                                          Spock Mind Meld

  • We have a toolkit of methods plus unique people good at analysis and creativity, passionate committed to transforming your UX
  • User experience is what constitutes value for your customers and users.  Be it a Game, Software, or App for your customers, ensuring Usability, 
  • Usefulness and a Delightful experience is primary to winning and keeping customers and ultimately fans

We At User Behavioristics Love All Things User Experience.   

We Obsess About How To Make Your UX Better And Optimal.

Service options

  • Full Service Lab 
    • Planning, Facility/Recruiting/Equipment/Administration, Moderation/Analysis/Reporting, Communication
    • Worldwide Facilities, Stellar Recruiting/Administration
  • Your Office/Lab
    • Moderation
    • Moderation/Analysis/Reporting
    • Work as team member in your lb
  • Remote/Online User Testing Services
    • Recruiting representative Users
    • Digital Products, Mobile Apps and Video Games
    • We partner with several online services both for products and games, or less formal using Webex/Skype/Google Hangouts
    • If you have your own lab, we work as your own user research team

We cover all elements of usability and user experience in the most efficient/cost effective manner, leaving no space for doubting the quality of your Product, App, or Game

What we do

We provide all forms of User Research such as, usability testing, playtesting, online remote testing, surveys, analytics, focus groups and much much more.

As consultants, we don’t just deliver dry facts that you will have no idea how to implement

We provide insight with bite-size and actionable results all within your time frame and budget

We believe truly understanding your requirements as well as your product, game or application will help us deliver the best results

  • This is why our work philosophy is to work as if we are an integral part of your team and then focus on optimizing usability

  • This allows our clients to enjoy the best of our intelligence, technologies, research, and consultation


We provide services such as usability testing, playtesting, remote testing, heuristic evaluations, personas, expert walkthroughs, workshops on topics such as, design thinking, customer journey, NPS setup, and more.


Utilizing expertise, experience, and a sheer passion and dedication, User Behavioristics serves our clients with UX consultation services for user and player research